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January 29, 2007 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Interesting inteview with Brian Storm on OJR: Building a perfect storm of journalism and multimedia

MediaStorm publishes and brokers multimedia projects at a high level. They auctioned off Ed Kashi’s work from Iraqi Kurdistan as a flipbook project, with debuting the novel piece.

They also produced Gail Fisher’s piece on the Navajo’s uranium contamination for the Los Angeles Times. The four-part Blighted Homeland on is beautifully photographed. (You have to dig a little to get to the multimedia pieces.)

MediaStorm is a popular site, featuring serious, quality photojournalism. Brian Storm from the OJR story: “There are a lot of interesting things about the way the audience is different. About 70 different countries hit our website. How do they find us? It’s all word of mouth. We don’t do any marketing. It is all viral conversation and its exact opposite of broadcast. When we launched on November 16, 2005, maybe 500 people watched our project that day. Today there are thousands of people watching those same projects who have never seen it before right so the whole time-shifting capability is really critical to this medium.”


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