NY Times invests in Brightcove

January 17, 2007 · Posted in Uncategorized 

The internet video distributor Brightcove just got an additional $59.5 million in funding from a group which includes the New York Times. They’ve got some heavy hitters behind them, including AOL, Hearst, and I think the Washington Post. See the story at Red Herring.

I hope the practice of putting a TV set (a separate video player) on a web page dies off quickly. I’m still waiting to see an automated content management system that will put video embeds on pages the way newspaper pictures sit on the printed page. The idea of captive pre-roll advertising is really strong, though, so expect to see lots of Brightcove players soon.

On the other hand, anything that increases revenue, I suppose, is a good thing….

One really cool thing about Brightcove is the reporting that tells how many people watched your video all the way through. Check out some of Brightcove’s site and you’ll see that almost nobody finishes one.


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