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February 1, 2007 · Posted in Uncategorized 

There are quite a few Newspaper Video shooters in town for the Super Bowl at Dolphins Stadium in Miami.

I had a chat with Matt Dial from the Indianapolis Star while we were standing on queue to join the Media Day zoo at the stadium Tuesday.

He is one of two shooters from the Star who were to do video from Miami for the paper. He was shooting with a Z1U and said he would have been using Firestores if the other case of gear they shipped ahead had made it to Miami. The Colts are a big draw for their website and the video (see “Fans party outside RCA Dome”) he did of fans after their playoff win drew 20,000 hits, he said.

Of the thousands of media in attendance, there were a lot more mini-dv cams than I’m used to seeing at pro sports. AP had a couple of shooters there and most papers seemed to have someone shooting video. Even Bloomberg had a vj shooter there; she was editing on top of a trash can the last I saw.

Of course, none of us will be able to shoot the game because of TV rights. This is a big problem that will have to be worked out over time. As more papers transition to using grabs from video, the restrictions on video will become a bigger problem. Even AP is experimenting with pulling stills from video. (See Evan Vucci’s post at the bottom of this Sportsshooter.com thread.)

Were you at Media Day? See if you can find yourself:

You can see Matt’s Media Day video here . (Needs Firefox on a Mac.)

You can see my Media Day video here .


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