DNA2008: Newspaper Video Will Die in 2008

March 4, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized 

In a panel inspired by Andy Dickinson’s New Year’s Predictions blog posting, by the same name, Dickinson, myself, and Michael Rosenblum discussed what it takes to make video work at newspapers.

You can hear part of the panel, but not all of it as I was bitten by tech problems while sitting on the panel and unable to monitor the recording. Let this be a lesson: multitasking and multimedia do not mix.

Don’t get the wrong idea: none of us were predicting the death of newspaper video. However, we all agree that bad decisions by management at newspapers could put it on life support.

I made the point that publishers need to think about the back end before handing gear to staffers — content management systems that can embed video with stories, servers that work, players that don’t piss off viewers, and tagging that Google can find. It sounds easy but very few papers are doing even these basics.


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