More video ads in our future…. if we produce content professionally.

August 15, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized 

In a press release, eMarketer says online video ad spending will be $505 Million this year, down from their original estimate of $1.4 Billion. The new number, they say, represents a 55.9% increase from 2007.

The $505 Million is 2% of total internet ad spending, they say.

They also claim that 129.5 million people will see online video advertising at least once a month.

From the release:

“The majority of video consumed online today is clips rather full-length TV episodes or movies. The most popular online video content, watched by more than 40% of the US online video audience, is clips of 5 minutes or less. They consist of news, jokes, movie trailers, music videos and TV shows.

“Even as video becomes the great growth area for Internet advertising, there’s a major disconnect between the amount of time people spend with short-form video, especially user-generated, and the ad dollars that accompany such video content,” says eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman. “However, as media companies change their business model, putting more and more professionally created video content online, the audience—and related ad dollars—will increase dramatically.”

(Take it for what it’s worth. Near as I can tell, eMarketer is an aggregator of different research firms and doesn’t do any research itself.)


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