No live truck? How about a motorcycle?

August 14, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized 

From a Link Research press release (they’re from the U.K.)

Link Research is showing a Newsgathering Motorcycle system, a new concept designed to provide news teams with the fastest possible response to breaking news stories.

Used in conjunction with Link’s city centre cellular receive system, the bike can be deployed instantly, giving live pictures from its on-board cameras as soon as it leaves the garage.

In today’s congested urban areas, it can beat the traffic and arrive on-site often before the police have closed the area.

There are none of the parking issues which can slow down camera crews and SNG vehicles, even when they have arrived at the scene.

Once on site, the bike can continue to provide live video and sound from its on-board cameras, or it can instantly deploy a radio camera (carried in the pannier) which links back to the bike, allowing the operator to get as close as possible to the action, and even take the camera inside buildings.

Features include full audio and video monitoring, 4W RF output for minimum 6Km range and automatically switched external video/audio input (for tape feeds etc). The system will power from the bike alternator or two detachable camera batteries (run time approx 1hr 30mins) which means that the bike can be left running inside a police cordon to provide vital coverage until the SNG/TNG vehicles are in place.

Other uses for the News Bike are: quick live 2-ways into news bulletins and as a repeater system for wireless cameras. The bike can often park where cars and trucks cannot and can link a camera from inside a building (press conference etc) back to base. It can also relay to helicopters or become a helicopter receive point.


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