24 HOURS IN 19500 FRAMES on Vimeo

July 7, 2010 · Posted in A-Roll 

24 HOURS IN 19500 FRAMES on Vimeo on Vimeo

I spent many years photographing NASCAR, Indy Cars, and Sportscar racing. Autosports photography is very difficult, dangerous, and it’s really hard to make nice images in the cluttered, barricaded, and advertising-blanketed environs of a race track.
So I was stunned when I saw this video by brothers Tim and Nick Hahne, who shot with one 5Dmk2 each and four lenses between them during a 24 hours race at Nürburgring. They did a terrific job of capturing the look and feel of auto racing – and all without fancy rigs or mounts for their 5d’s.
Really inspiring work, guys!


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