Twenty years after Hurricane Andrew

August 18, 2012 · Posted in A-Roll 
Cauley Square after Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew left our lives in shambles.

A number of photographers still at the Miami Herald covered 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, one of only three Category 5 storms to hit the U.S.

The storm devastated South Florida and its impact is still evident in many ways.

Some of us went back to the scene of images we shot way back then:



But perhaps more shocking than the realization that it’s been twenty years since the storm, is seeing what the Miami Herald did in covering the aftermath. ┬áNearly all the staff was living without power, some without homes, and yet we still produced what the Society of News Design lauded in this video:


#10: Miami Herald’s Hurricane Andrew Coverage from The Society for News Design on Vimeo.


I wonder how we’d do today?


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