Remember the Basics While Shooting Video!

October 29, 2007 · Posted in Uncategorized 

A plea I wrote to our less-experienced shooters, whose footage I have to help edit:

This is a gentle reminder to remember the basics.

First, the point of daily video is to get it on the web asap. We need to shoot, get into the office, and get it out with speed in mind.

So remember your training:

Get your narrative A-roll. Pull someone aside and get them to explain what happened in one minute or less. Make sure it matches your B-roll.

Shoot transitions: Get in front of the action, plant yourself, hold the camera steady and let the action come into the frame and then go out of the frame.

Shoot sequences: Wide medium tight . Beginning middle end . Getting ready, action, reaction.

Shoot details and closeups.

Audio that goes into the red is unusable. Wear your headphones!

God gave us tripods for a reason…. If you don’t have a tripod, use your camera bag, a table, a tree, a post, … whatever is steady.

Pre-roll and post-roll. We gotta have a little tape before someone starts talking. Also waste a minute of tape when you load the camera (shoot closeups of your assignment sheet; future editors will thank you!)

Keep your finger off the zoom! Use your feet! Hold your shots steady for ten seconds. Count it off!


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