JVC GY-HM650 web and broadcast news cam

April 18, 2012 · Posted in B-Roll · Comments Off on JVC GY-HM650 web and broadcast news cam 


JVC is showing pre-production models of a news camera called the GY-HM650. This is a web-friendly broadcast-quality handy cam.
When it ships in December for $5695, it will have the ability to FTP from camera and be able to connect to wifi.
The magic here is that it has dual encoders that will let you record HD to one card and web-rez H.264 (among other codecs) to the other, and then send it out. But not live, unfortunately.
The HM650 does have both hdsdi and hdmi outputs so you can output live.
It’s got a 23X zoom with separate zoom, iris, and focus, and the camera has a decent grip. Big drawback seems to be small LCD and small EVF on the working HM600 they were showing. (HM600 lacks dual encoders and connectivity.)
This is a very interesting camera for news.

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