2010 NFL rules and restrictions for online video

August 1, 2010 · Posted in A-Roll · Comments Off on 2010 NFL rules and restrictions for online video 

Training camp has started for NFL football and it’s the season for rabid football fans to find out as much as they can about their favorite teams. But they won’t find much video on news sites – the NFL won’t allow it. I couldn’t find this posted anywhere, so thought I’d pass this along:

The 2010 NFL rules for non-game video are unchanged from 2009. If you shoot video during credentialed access, you can post up to 90 seconds of video and can have it up on your site for only 24 hours. You cannot archive it for on-demand viewing. You must post links to nfl(dot)com and your local club site. Of course, no game action at all. The restrictions apply to training camp, coach pressers, locker room, etc. as well as the season. You can do as much talking head video of your reporter standups as you want, however.

Still photogs can’t post more than 10 pictures during a game. No sequences that give the impression of video, either.

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