New Sony big-chip camera and new Vixia HF M32 announced

July 14, 2010 · Posted in B-Roll · Comments Off on New Sony big-chip camera and new Vixia HF M32 announced 

Two interesting new cameras:

1) Canon Vixia HF M32 is the next step in the tiny, AVCHD line of camcorders which keep improving with each new model. It will give 24 hours of recording to the built-in memory plus SDHC/SDXC memory cards. What makes this one interesting is that it has “Powered IS” image stabilizer, which is a hand-held miracle, and it has built-in downconversion to standard def while retaining the HD. Works with Eye-Fi cards. I am so getting one of these. $999 suggested retail. Read press release on PDN.

2) Sony says their new $2000 NEX VG-10 interchangeable-lens big-chip camera (shallow depth of field) camera will be available in September. Also does stills at 7fps. Looks awesome. New E-mount lenses dampen my enthusiasm for this one, but hopefully adapters will work with it.

UPDATE: I see E-Mount adapters on ebay for Nikkor, Canon, and Leica lenses! This Sony NEX VG10 is suddenly more interesting!

New version of Sony PMW EX1: the EX1R

October 20, 2009 · Posted in B-Roll · Comments Off on New version of Sony PMW EX1: the EX1R 

Sony will replace the PMW EX1 with the EX1R, which fixes everything wrong with the EX1 – Same wonderful HD image, but new viewfinder, new handgrip, new switches, new tripod socket, even a new DVCAM standard def mode that shoots in AVI files. This camera will rule the VJ world!

They’re also introducing the PMW350, which is a shoulder-mount 2/3″ XDCAM EX camera with a standard B4 lens mount, but which is available as a kit with an EX3-style autofocus lens. It’s supposed to be “affordable” by 2/3″ standards, with a working setup in the $20k range. It’s getting confusing with all the 350 models in Sony’s lineup.

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